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The Regional Experiences Story

Meet Rhonda Norman & Laurissa Mirabelli.

Rhonda and Laurissa have worked together on all manner of events in all corners of Australia in recent years.

Traveling to far-flung locations inspired a love of all that Australia’s regions have to offer, and an opportunity to connect with land, the people and the culture of these beautiful locations.

But it was the experience of their respective 'tree changes' to Regional Victoria that sparked a desire to showcase the fabulous stories of these regional locations and the lovable characters within. 

And the rest was history...


Regional Experiences is an authentic, insiders guide to the best regional travel experiences

on offer in Australia & New Zealand.

With Rhonda's love of photography and Laurissa's love of the written word, our aim is to inspire you to travel and explore this great country.  We are providing media content to State and Regional Tourism offices, along with experience providers, so please be on the look out for our imagery and stories, on both traditional and social media channels.

We hope these insights help make for an enjoyable, and memorable, experience.

Safe travels!

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