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5 tips on how we can become more mindful and happier

I’ve recently completed a mindfulness and meditation course and have gained so much insight on different ways that we can incorporate mindfulness into our everyday way of life.

Image: @extraordinaryexperiences

Through the course I found out that our brains are genetically wired towards negative experiences than positive ones, it’s called “negativity bias” meaning that anything unpleasant will have a far greater impact on us and our emotions. This is where we can introduce more mindfulness practices into our daily life.

Research has revealed that practicing mindfulness can successfully rewire our brains by shifting brain activity from the front right area, this area generates negative feelings like depression and anxiety to the left side of the brain, which associates with feelings of happiness, excitement, joy and alertness.

5 tips that I learnt to live a more mindful and happier life is to:

1. Take a digital detox – whether it’s for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. We live in a world where we are consumed with technology. Start to re-focus on offline social interactions.

2. Exercise – a simple walk around the block can automatically reduce any stress and anxiety, scientists show that we only need 20 minutes of exercise a day.

3. Personal self-development – questions to ask yourself, what are my goals, where am I going, how am I going to get there, what is holding me back (deep I know). I would recommend creating a vison board to help you focus and keep you on track.

4. Meditate – there are a variety of ways to calm the mind, find one which suits you whether it’s a focused, spiritual, movement, mantra, transcendental or mindfulness meditation practice.

Image: @extraordinaryexperiences

5. Express gratitude and be present – when we express gratitude in the present moment, we tend to silence the longing for more. We start to understand the abundance around us and approach our life from a place of enough.

(Check out Deepak Chopra’s 21 days of Abundance)

“Mindfulness isn’t difficult, we just need to remember to do it - Sharon Salzberg”

Written by Lisha Singh

Lisha is our Well-being contributor.

August 2020

Title: 5 tips on how to become more mindful and happier


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