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Did you know there are more fishing rods sold in Australia than there are pushbikes?

You’ve got to love regional Australia and those who dwell in it. They don’t have Uber Eats or Westfield. They don’t have Myer or even a McDonald’s drive-thru. But what they do have is a great selection of professional, persistent and resilient tourism operators who continue to adapt their business to the latest threats to ensure the tourists keep visiting and the towns keeps thriving.

In the last 6 months alone, tourism businesses big and small have had to endure drought, fire and now a global pandemic. Our business alone was affected by all three events. We lost two inland fishing locations due to the drought, then we lost another one due to the fires and cancelled bookings for those who could no longer travel as they stayed to protect their homes. Both of these events fell across our peak seasons. And now the Coronavirus has pretty much taken whatever was left. Historically, tourism businesses are practiced at adaption and this is no different. Early on we saw our local, state and federal tourism organisations rallying to keep us informed, keep us safe and strive for a way forward for us all. Regional Australia is never left out of a tourism strategy as let’s face it, they encompass all the good bits! The starry, starry nights, the clear blue waters, the islands, the outback and the mountains. As one of those tourism businesses, Go Fish Australia continue to create remote and regional fishing experiences right across Australia to support many businesses. And now, with a focus on Australians exploring Australia, there’s never been a better time to book that bucket-list fishing holiday. By supporting our business, we are able to support our preferred suppliers right across Australia in remote and regional areas and the tourism sector in general. Whether you want to catch a giant marlin on the Great Barrier Reef or a barramundi in Weipa, a Murray Cod in Ashford NSW or a bass on the Clarence. We know when and we know where those fish are biting at any time of year. We then combine this with accommodation suggestions and other must-do experiences in the region to ensure your fishing holiday is exactly what you dreamed of. How do we do this? We combine 35 years of tourism experience with 40 years of fishing journalism in Australia to produce the most unique, targeted fishing experiences in Australia.

Reconnecting with your mates will play a major role in kick-starting many fishing holidays this year. The boys’ trip, the girls’ trip, the family trip, the work trip, whatever the excuse, start planning now. And perhaps plan to drive a little further than you’ve driven before to reach the regional towns that would be very glad to see you. What’s that fish you’ve always wanted to catch? Where is it and what time of year can you catch it? It’s a good place to start. Fishing is the perfect next holiday because there’s no crowds! Naturally, fishing is an outdoor activity so it has it benefits in the current climate. It is also ideal for families, small groups and couples. In fact, fishing is considered one of the best holidays at this time because of the necessary isolation it requires. At Go Fish Australia, we understand that some people fish for pleasure and others for sport. Some treat fishing as a hobby where for others, it is an obsession. Like any sport, there are varying levels of knowledge, expertise and participation. And Go Fish are really good at catering to each level of skill, expectation and budget, and then we exceed those expectations in our recommendations and delivery. Not every person who likes to fish wants the same outcome, and not every person who likes to fish wants the same experience, and that’s why we approach each fishing adventure with individuality and passion. There are fishing fanatics who travel across Australia each year to catch a specific type of fish or to experience a particular region known for good fishing. Whether that’s fresh water, deep water, fly fishing or heavy tackle fishing, we have the right people in the right locations to ensure you get the right fishing experience each time. Go Fish has always been successful in transforming a bucket-list dream into an adrenalin-filled reality. In 2019, Go Fish was listed in the Top 50 Tours of the World by Traveller Magazine for our One Day Outback Fishing Experience, a helicopter escape to the rivers and streams of Outback Australia to catch Murray Cod.

We have a large selection of off-the-shelf fishing experiences ready to book right now, or we can create your ideal fishing escape with just a phone call. We have hand-selected our fishing guides right across Australia and combine this with great fishing operators, including boats, yachts, hotels, helicopters, jet skis, kayaks and even drones when we create your fishing holiday. Need a four-wheel-drive and a private fishing guide? No problem. Want to fly into Fraser Island and land right on the sand, instead of taking the barge? Easy! Want to stay in a beach shack and fish for tailor all day? We know just the place! Whatever your ideal day looks like, we can get you there.

So, let’s get you fishing in regional and remote Australia this year, and the next, where your holiday dollar means so much more to those resilient locals than ever before. Holiday at home! Fish, eat, sleep and explore Australia away from the cities and the crowds and let’s get Australian tourism moving again.

Our top 5 regional fishing experiences are:-

1. Murray Cod fishing in Ashford, NSW

2. Bass Fishing in the rainforests of Byron Bay, NSW

3. Barramundi Fishing in Weipa, QLD

4. Tailor fishing on Fraser Island, QLD

5. Indigenous Traditional fishing in East Arnhem Land, NT.

Our top 5 fish to catch in regional and remote Australia:-

1. Barramundi

2. Giant blue marlin

3. Murray cod

4. Giant trevally

5. Sooty grunter

Written by Ange Esdaile – Director, Go Fish Australia

May 2020

Title: Fishing in Remote and Regional Australia


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