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“Slow down, recharge on Flinders Island”.

Updated: May 26, 2020

It’s Friday morning, and we are heading to Flinders Island for a weekend break. Boarding our private charter from Lilydale Airfield, we are soon soaring above the grey skies of Melbourne. As we cross the coast at Wilsons Promontory, we head due south to Flinders Island and the clouds part and we breathe the fresh air.

Image: @extraordinaryexperiences Trousers Pt

We are ready to explore this untouched natural wonder, that seems to have been forgotten. We are armed with camera gear, maps and a sense of adventure. Our hire car is waiting at the airport and we depart for town to get our bearings, and stock up on supplies.

Whitemark is how life used to be. Slow and quiet. Everything you need is there, bakery, day spa, petrol station, the pub and supermarket. The Flinders Wharf is a new addition to town, a modern building, built to look like a traditional shed, so not to be lost in its traditional surrounds.

Image: @extraordinaryexperiences

We are staying at Mountain Seas Retreat, at Trousers Point, but there are a few bed and breakfast’s in town and the new Wombat Lodge managed by The Flinders Wharf is gorgeous. Our room is spacious and overlooks the water and backs onto the Strzelecki National Park, and many wallabies come and say hi. We have Wi-Fi at the lodge, but it’s been hours and I have not even wanted to connect with the outside world.

The next two days are filled driving the island from South to North, with a few mountain lookouts in between. Yellow Beach offers us a beautiful sunrise, Sawyers Bay is a wonder lunch spot for a picnic on the beach. Castle Rock is a must see on the way up to Killiecrankie, to try and find the famous Killiecrankie Diamond (local rare gemstone, from the Topaz family). Don’t forget to pick up a crayfish or two while you are there.

We leave Walkers Lookout until Sunday morning, so we can sit and watch the sunrise, through the mist rolling over the ranges and watch the island wake, to another perfect day.

Image: @extraordinaryexperiences Killiecrankie

Food is a way of life on the Island, so fresh locally grown produce is easy to find. Vista’s is the onsite restaurant at the Lodge, so we are spoilt for choice with our food offering. With wildlife in abundance, driving at night can be daunting, so we decide to stay in each night and our host Ken, is always up for a good story over a glass of red wine.

The Flinders Island Crayfish Festival is run every year between February – April. It won’t be long until this festival has the prominence that other food festivals have around the country… or should we keep it a secret for those in the know!

Image: @extraordinaryexperiences Castle Rock

Sharp Airlines flies to Flinders Island from Launceston and Essendon Airports. Private charters by light plane or helicopter are available also.

Rhonda Norman, Extraordinary Experiences, was a paying guest during her stay on the Island.


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